31+ Sneaky Spots for Concealed Tattoos

Tattoos are works of art, thus most people get their ink somewhere noticeable, such as on their wrist, forearm, or right in the center of their chest. It’s also why hand tattoos, such as those seen on Hailey Bieber and Ariana Grande, have become increasingly fashionable in recent years. Who wouldn’t desire a beautiful assortment of tattoos trickling down their fingers?Hidden tattoo ideas.

However, there are other concealed tattoo sites that are simply begging to be inked as well. These secret spots are ideal for hiding a tattoo from your job or father. However, they are also ideal for when you want a design to remain private – a portrait only for you.Hide a tattoo between your fingers.

“A tattoo is first and foremost for yourself,” says Rylan Phillips, a tattoo artist with G Tattoo & Piercing in Toronto. He points to sentimental tats, like the kind that commemorate a milestone or a personal philosophy that you might not want to have on full display 24/7. But privacy isn’t the only reason to conceal your ink.

Hide a tattoo behind your ear.

Since UV rays are known to fade tattoos over time, tucking your art away could also help it stay fresher longer. “A hidden tattoo will potentially age better as it will have less exposure to sunlight,” Phillips tells Bustle. And when you really love your art, that’s a major draw.

Inner ear tattoos are easy to hide.

Of course, there’s something appealing about being a secret badass with a collection of skillfully hidden tattoos that few people notice. Sometimes it’s amusing to hide your work behind an ear or under a shirt for no apparent reason. Here are the loveliest places to hide a tattoo.

Cleverly hide a tattoo on your bikini line.imageHidden tattoos.imageA hidden tattoo on an ankle.

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