A Bird Who’s Crimson Top Bleeds Into A Vibrant Orange, Creating A Stunning Sunset Of Color – Meet The Flame Bowerbird!

Males are renowned for building complex bowers from which they try to entice prospective mates by doing displays.

A bird immediately recognized by its riot of sunset colors, with its crimson top immediately bleeding into a belly colored a vibrant orange, set off by wings dipped into an inky black and equally hypnotic eyes.

Meet the Flame bowerbird

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One of the most brilliantly colored bowerbirds, the male is colored a striking almost crimson orange on his back which blends into a bright yellow belly, black wings, and tail with a yellow tip.

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The female is not as brilliantly colored as the male and is more of an olive-brown bird with a yellow around her belly,

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This species is native to and distributed throughout the rainforests of Papua New Guinea.

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Little is known about the diet of the Flame bowerbird, other than they forage for fruit and insects.

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Male bowerbirds are renowned for building complex bowers from which they try to entice prospective mates by doing elaborate displays.

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–Dressed in a suit of iridescent sheens, its song is as almost as stunning as the way they look!

Female bowerbirds watch various displays and inspect each bower before selecting a mate. She then builds a nest from soft materials such as leaves, ferns, and vine tendrils. She then lays 1 egg which takes anywhere from 19 – 24 days to hatch.

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Bowerbird species as a whole enjoy living in a range of habitats including rainforest, eucalyptus, and acacia forest, and shrublands.

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The flame bowerbird is evaluated as least concern on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Watch the grand display of the Flame bowerbird right here below:

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