For Valentine’s Day, Patrick Mahomes gave Brittany a dog named after the Pittsburgh Steelers, thanks to the Chiefs star’s wife

The Mahomes dogs have over 200,000 Instagram followers

KANSAS City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany revealed the story behind the two dogs she shares with her husband.

The Mahomes family has two kids, but Brittany says with her dogs it feels like four.

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes share two dogs together

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes share two dogs togetherCredit: Getty
Brittany named one of the dogs Steel, after the Pittsburgh Steelers

Brittany named one of the dogs Steel, after the Pittsburgh SteelersCredit: Instagram/steel_silver_mahomes

“I mean, they’re basically our 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren,” Brittany told People.

“I consider us having four kids.”

Brittany and Patrick share daughter Sterling and son Patrick together.

Before they became actual parents, they were dog parents in college when Patrick bought Brittany a dog.

“I actually got Steel when I was in college. Patrick bought him for me for a Valentine’s Day gift when I was a junior,” Brittany said.

Brittany revealed that she was a fan of a different NFL team before Patrick was drafted to the Kansas City Chiefs which is how she got her dog’s name.

“So, I actually used to be a Steelers fan and that’s how I got the name Steel, so that’s a great story,” Brittany said.

The Mahomes family added their second dog, Silver, a few years after getting Steel.

Brittany Matthews And Patrick Mahomes Have Handled A New

“I think it was back in 2018 after Patrick’s first year in the league. We decided we wanted another addition,” Brittany said.

She describes the pups as “wild and full of energy,” and shared she’s always had a dog around.

Brittany Mahomes gives inside look at ‘best weekend’ as wife of NFL star Patrick looks stunning in Miami GP outfit

“I’ve always had a dog in the house, ever since I can remember,” Brittany said.

“Even my parents split, and they both ended up having dogs, so I’ve grown up with dogs. I’ve never lived in a house without a dog.”

While Brittany is a pro with dogs, she and Patrick work with celebrity dog trainer Tom Davis to keep their companions in check.

“We’ve been working with Tom for several years, and he’s the best fit for our family and dogs,” Brittany said.

“I would say it was about 2019 or 2020, within about a year of us having Silver because she was a handful, and then we got introduced to Tom through a friend of ours who used him as well.

“And we’ve been using him ever since.”


The Mahomes family flies Davis out to Kansas City to work with Steel and Silver every once in a while. The gesture “just shows how much they love and care about dogs,” Davis said.

“What I find endearing about both of them is that it’d be really easy for them to write off different things if they wanted to, but they don’t.”

Brittany has an Instagram page dedicated to her dogs where she posts updates and cute pictures of them.

Steel and Silver have over 200,000 followers on Instagram.

Steel and Silver have a massive social media following

Steel and Silver have a massive social media followingCredit: Instagram/steel_silver_mahomes

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