Marvel at the seductive beauty of the bird with the most captivating eyelashes in the world

Admire the beauty of the bird with the sexiest eyelashes in the world.

The reason they are given the beautiful name of the second bird is because on the top of their head they have feathers glued around them, just like the quills glued on the heads of women who worked as secretaries in Vietnam Europe in last.
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However, the most special feature of this bird is that it has long, curly, black eyelashes that make even us envious when looking at it.
These magical eyelashes start growing when the chicks are about 3 weeks old.
And until adulthood, they will have a sexy and seductive appearance like this.
Secretary birds live mainly in the large, open grasslands of Africa, where their prey has no chance to hide and flee, and only around a few trees with a wide canopy for nesting.
Their diet is very diverse, but this bird’s favorite food is always poisonous snakes, such as vipers or cobras, which is why they are also known as snake-eating kites.
Whenever they detect prey, they will jump to the ground to let it out of the burrow, then dive into the prey with a force 5 times their own body weight and then throw the victim high to do so, stunning it before tearing it apart. the meat to enjoy.
It is true that you cannot tell by looking at this species.
In addition to snakes, secretary birds also eat lizards, mice, birds and small mammals, bird eggs, insects, and even the carcasses of animals killed by forest fires.
Although they can fly, they prefer to walk and run, even very fast, and can travel up to 30 kilometers a day in search of food.
This bird can reach a height of 1.35 m, weigh 3.3 kg and have a wingspan of more than 2 m. They have a small head but a large beak, and the uneven distribution of hair on their bodies means they always have that funny “winter in summer” appearance.
They often collect dry branches and grass to build nests in trees; their nests can be up to 2.4 m wide and 0.3 m deep. They only hunt during the day and return to the nest to sleep when the sun goes down.
Despite having a sexy beauty, when it wants to seduce a future partner, this bird only uses a fairly common flirting method, which is to spread its wings and chase each other through the grasslands.
If there is no mate, they often live alone, do not join the pack and do not migrate to distant places.
This powerful bird appears in the logo and flag of the country Sudan as a symbol of victory. They are also present in the military insignia of the country of South Africa, symbolizing protection.
In the wild, they can live up to 10-15 years, even longer if kept in captivity and well cared for.
This beautiful bird has no predators, although its eggs and young can become food for other birds of prey.
However, human encroachment may endanger their habitat and food source in the not-too-distant future.

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