Online, Randi, Mother of Patrick Mahomes, Captivates Hearts with Touching Easter Message to Grandchildren

Over the past few years, the Mahomes clan has gotten bigger and even more adorable. Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany welcomed their son, Bronze, in November 2022, and daughter, Sterling, in February 2021. And the one person really feeling the love for this growing family is Patrick’s mother, Randi, who recently celebrated Easter with the little ones.


Randi joined Patrick, Brittany, and others in Kansas City to celebrate the Spring festival, and let’s just say, it was actually Sterling and Bronzo, who stole the show. The awestruck grandma blessed us fans with a heartwarming picture of the two sharing a warm hug in the spirit of Easter. The caption she added with the photo sums it up perfectly:

True story when they say Grandkids are the best!!! These two make my heart so happy. ️ #Easter”


As soon as the picture surfaced online, hundreds of fans flocked to the comment section to shower love and praise on the adorable duo. A few even couldn’t help but admire their curls, expressing that Mahomes’ genes have already started to show. Brittany also shared her love with three white hearts emojis. Uncle Jackson chimed in too, writing, “pure joyyyyy [Face with Heart Eyes emoji]“. See for yourselves:

So, it’s safe to say that Patrick Mahomes’ mother, Randi, had quite a bit of fun during Easter. However, amidst all the celebrations, the one person she misses the most is her later mother, Debbie Bates.

Randi Mahomes Shares a Never-Seen-Before Picture of Her Mother on Easter


According to Marca, Randi’s mother, Debbie Bates, took her last breath on April 5, 2023, after a series of health problems. Initially, Randi struggled to cope with the untimely departure of her beloved mother, and even a year later, the event planner still feels the void left behind. But amidst the Easter celebrations, she remembers the good times, sharing one of those cherished memories on her Instagram story—a throwback picture from her 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥hood, celebrating the Spring festival with her mother. She inked a note as well with the snapshot that read,

Easter with my momma. She is forever missed. Love you always.

As the 2024 NFL season inches closer, we will soon see the Mahomes clan hanging out on the sidelines, cheering for their Super Bowl champ. Moreover, Patrick Mahomes will undoubtedly appreciate all the support he can get, especially as he sets his eyes on the three-peat, a feat never achieved in NFL history.

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