Patrick Mahomes is delighted with Brittany Mahomes’ red carpet appearance after the Chiefs quarterback steps up to “Change the Coffee Game.”

Under the dazzling lights of New York’s high-profile scene, Patrick Mahomes’ presence at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit event was a testament to his role beyond the gridiron—as a supportive spouse to Brittany Mahomes. The Chiefs quarterback, often seen calling shots on the field, was spotted in a sharp, tailored suit, his eyes reflecting pride as he watched Brittany, stunning in her vibrant glittery attire, capture the camera’s attention.


Brittany’s Instagram story, featuring the bustling streets of New York, set the stage for the day’s excitement. It was Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Day, a significant milestone for her,

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes become envy of exclusive Miami Grand Prix  walking around like they own the place | Marca

Brittany, making her debut in the SI Swimsuit Rookie Edition, was a red vision reflecting the season’s hottest color trend. Her ensemble, captured by photographer Derek Kettela in Belize, was a bold statement of confidence and style.

The event, which celebrated the achievements of women in sports, saw Brittany, a former pro soccer player, making her debut in the SI Swimsuit Rookie Edition. She shared the spotlight with notable figures like Nina Agdal and Chanel Iman, who joined Brittany in celebrating the 60th anniversary of the iconic magazine. The evening was a blend of fashion, sports, and culture, set against the backdrop of New York’s electric energy.

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes step out in style for Time100 Gala red carpet  - ABC News

But the day wasn’t just about swimsuit glamor. Patrick announced a new venture, stepping into the beverages industry. Patrick’s venture is a blend of passion and business savvy. It’s a fresh take on fueling your day, and it’s got the Mahomes touch—ready to energize the masses.

Patrick Mahomes brews a new caffeinated venture!

The Chiefs QB known for his game-changing plays, is now changing the game off the field with his latest venture, Throne SPORT COFFEE. “Coffee has always kept me going,” Mahomes shared in his Instagram announcement post, revealing his stake in the brand’s philosophy. The launch of this ready-to-drink iced coffee line marks a significant step for Mahomes into the business world, where he brings the same passion and dedication to the football field.

Throne SPORT COFFEE is not just another beverage on the shelf; it’s a carefully crafted formula designed to meet the demands of an active lifestyle. With natural caffeine, flavors, sweeteners, and a blend of B vitamins, electrolytes, and BCAAs, it promises a coffee experience that supports the body’s needs without the unnecessary calories or sugar crash. “We plan to bring a game-changing RTD coffee product with better ingredients and functional benefits mainstream,” said Michael Fedele, Founder, and CEO of Throne SPORT COFFEE, highlighting the brand’s commitment to quality and health.

Mahomes’ involvement goes beyond just his name; he’s been instrumental in developing the product, from marketing to sales, ensuring that Throne SPORT COFFEE resonates with consumers looking for a natural energy source with added benefits. As Throne SPORT COFFEE hits the shelves, it’s clear that Mahomes is not just serving up a drink, but a lifestyle choice for those who aim to live life to the fullest.

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